About the Swim Speed Secrets Drill Videos

Sheila Taormina explains how to do the most effective swimming drills in her books Swim Speed Secrets and Swim Speed Workouts. These drills, when practiced with focus and attention to technique, will develop the world’s fastest swimming technique in you. The videos on this website are only a visual aid to understanding the full descriptions in the book. You’ll want to read the drill descriptions in the books so you know why these drills will work for you.

Swim Speed Workouts Video intro

Ready? You can watch the Swim Speed Secrets and Swim Speed Workouts drills on this website, on this YouTube playlist, or you can use this Drill List below to find a specific swimming drill:

Swim Tubing and Strength Drills

Stroke Drills

Feel for the Water Drills

Kicking Drills

Serape Swimming Drills

Other Drills

Sheila Taormina’s Swim Speed Series reveals the world’s fastest way to swim. Both books are available in bookstores, swim and tri shops, and online. Click below for online retailer links.

Swim Speed Secrets for Swimmers and Triathletes book coverSwim Speed Workouts for Swimmers and TriathletesSwim Speed Secrets reveals the swimming technique used by the world’s fastest swimmers.

Swim Speed Workouts provides waterproof workout cards, drills, and training plan so swimmers can get in the pool and learn the fastest way to swim.

Sheila Taormina is a 4-time Olympian, gold medalist, ITU triathlon world champion, and internationally recognized swimming coach. Learn more about Sheila here or at sheilat.com.

5 thoughts on “About the Swim Speed Secrets Drill Videos

  1. If I am reading your book right, you seem to think the idea of streamlining etc. , is something that has somehow be mis-intrepeted by the masses. I have not finished the book total immersion, but so far it seems to emphasis glide etc., is this just a matter of semantics or do you disagree with that approach?

  2. This is a great book, and the videos help allot too. I hope you come to Portland so I can take a clinic of yours! It is also great that you let us contact you, allot of authors don’t, and I am trying not to abuse it(believe or not)!

    That said, at least for me, I would have liked the video and/or the book and the tubing (or some other) exercises show how to get into the starting position. That is from full extension to bent elbow. I think this is the part that you describe on page 52 , that you say most people can’t do.

    I did key in on your phrase medial rotation, and high elbow to find this:


    Until I saw this I did not completely understand , or even think it was possible. I can kinda of do this. But my wrist does rotate when I rotate my shoulder, but if I work at it I can rotate the wrist back, without the shoulder doing likewise. I am hoping with time I can rotate just the shoulder.

    Until I saw this I think I was doing this:


    though I was starting from a full extension. Rereading and looking at the videos again, made me think this just wasn’t it, though rotating my arm to the side to point I could have my arm vertical seemed to be easier than what I was doing, and probably in time it would be faster as well.

    Anyway I hope you don’t feel the need to spend much or any time to respond to this, and it is ok with me if you prefer to just delete it and not respond at all.

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